Givat Haviva's Response to the Tragic Attack on the Synagogue in Jerusalem

Givat Haviva is deeply shocked by the attack on worshipers yesterday morning at the "Congregation B'nai Torah" synagogue in the Har Nof neighborhood of Jerusalem, and sends its condolences to the families of those victims, and wishes for a quick and full recovery to those injured in the attack.  There is no justification for harming innocent civilians, and there is nothing that can excuse the slaughter of worshipers in their place of prayer.

Givat Haviva strongly condemns all targeted attacks on Israeli and Palestinian civilians, in synagogues and in mosques.

We call upon the leaders of both sides to avoid any unnecessary incitement and to take all possible steps available to stop the deterioration and acts of revenge that are leading us to a vicious circle of violence.

We expect the leaders to react strongly to terrorism while also returning to the path of reconciliation and hope.  The root of this enormous pain, suffering and loss is in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

It is impossible to continue to "manage the conflict" in the midst of this bloodshed.

We must return, swiftly, to the path of conflict resolution.  It is possible. Stop the cycle of bloodshed, and give us a chance to enjoy a peaceful and nonviolent life.

Yaniv Sagee
Executive Director
Givat Haviva, Israel