Hebrew Language Day at Musmus High School

As part of the " Yihyeh B'seder " (Hebrew Language Enrichment for Arab Schools) program, the Musmus Middle School held a Hebrew Language Day for the whole school. Each class prepared a station of Hebrew language activities in their classroom for the rest of the school to visit and delivered a presentation in Hebrew before an audience of two teachers and two students who then evaluated the production. The classes' topics included tolerance, animals, professions, outer space, food, racism, and famous Islamic scientists and mathematicians. The children also heard presentations in Hebrew from a team of firefighters and an emergency first-aid provider. The school principal, Hassan Mahajne, the Yihyeh B'seder program instructor, Noam Raz, the school's other Hebrew teachers and the rest of the school faculty worked together to make a fun, educational, and inspiring day for the whole school.

More good news for the program came this month, that the Ministry of Education gave the "Yihyeh B'seder: Hebrew Language Enrichment Program" their hoped-for seal of approval in the form of a two-year plan to expand the program nationwide to the Haifa, North, Central, and South regions of Israel, reaching almost all of the Arab junior high schools in the country, and doubling the hours of instruction per class. This will mean an eight-fold increase in the number of students reached by the program over the coming two years. The program staff at Givat Haviva have begun accelerated recruitment of new teachers for the expansion, and production of more pedagogical material is underway.