Our Fourth Annual Shared Society Conference

We are pleased to officially announce our Fourth Annual Shared Society Conference in Israel on Tuesday, May 24th!

This year's Fourth Annual Conference theme is "Implications of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict on Common Citizenship for Jews and Arabs in Israel". The Conference will run for the full length of the day (9am-5pm) and will include various panel discussions held in cooperation with partner organizations dealing with the topics of education, employment, municipal cooperation and forms of communication and discourse for a sustainable democracy and shared society in Israel.  The Conference is a wonderful moment where prominent leaders and representatives from civil society, government, and the private sector in Israel and around the world gather in solidarity for Shared Society.

I know it is a rather far journey for many of our supporters, but we hope to share our message with you and illustrate our work on the ground for Shared Society. 

If you can make it, please officially register here, and don't forget to check out this year's agenda here!

Explore this link for more information about this year's Conference and past year's as well.