Celebrating the Successes of our Fifth Annual Shared Society Conference

Givat Haviva's fifth Annual Shared Society Conference on March 30th, 2017 was a highly informative, inspiring and memorable day on our beautiful campus. The day was packed full of rousing speeches, exciting cultural performances, thought-provoking panels, and the opportunity to meet and connect with amazing people from all over the world who are working for an equal and shared society in Israel.

The focus of this year's Conference was to present our Roadmap for a Shared Society, a project made possible by the European Union with the goal of engaging 70 Jewish and Arab experts representing a broad spectrum of Israeli society to create a practical policy paper for the promotion of a shared society in Israel. The Conference served as a platform for the presentation of over 100 Recommendations in five distinct fields: Governance, Culture, Education, Economic Development and Land Use.

We also opened up the next phase of the program during the Conference - public engagement. This process involves a series of public town hall meetings, online engagement through Ynet, Israel's largest and most popular news and content website, and Bokra, Israel's leading Arabic online news source. The purpose of this outreach is to not only raise awareness of the recommendations and increase public support, but also to generate public feedback which will help formulate priorities within the recommendations.