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Introducing the Givat Haviva International School!

Announcing the launch of The Givat Haviva International School (GHIS)
A Two-year Program in Israel leading to an International Baccalaureate Diploma
Beginning in fall of 2018, Givat Haviva will enroll an inaugural class of fifty students, twenty-five international, and twenty-five Arab and Jewish Israeli students between the ages of 15 and 18. The main language of the school is English, and the school has International Baccalaureate status.

We cordially invite you and your family to consider this exceptional opportunity to pursue academic studies in Israel while developing leadership skills for creating positive change in the Middle East and internationally.

We also invite you to help in spreading the word about the application process. Can you think of families who would be interested in sending their children to study at GHIS? Are you connected to any organizations who work with youth and can help us spread the news about the new school?

The idea is to build a community of new global leaders using the experience that we have gained at Givat Haviva over close to seventy years. Students need to be young people who want to be in an English-speaking international environment; who want to 'change the world'; who can be leaders of tomorrow; and who seek an excellent academic program. The more diverse, the better.

GHIS is a two-year boarding school for Israeli and international students aged 15 to 18, who will live and learn together at Givat Haviva.

Vision : To develop a vibrant and diverse community of learners who strive to achieve positive social impact and change towards a just and shared society and a peaceful world.

Mission : GHIS seeks to develop a network of committed young leaders to work together towards a shared, sustainable and inclusive society in the Middle East and globally.

Why Now – what’s the problem?

GHIS is tackling the most pressing challenge of our time - social polarization - focusing on cooperation rather than confrontation, shared societies before nationalization. At a time when global leaders are on paths of isolationism and separation, we need global leaders orientated towards collaboration and shared solutions.

A Solution?

Against this background, Givat Haviva has for decades been quietly and successfully weaving a fabric of shared society from the ground up. GHIS will prioritize specialist training in Leadership and Conflict Resolution using the recognized capabilities of Givat Haviva, winner of the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education. A broad education delivered by the International Baccalaureate (IB) will result in an international high school whose alumni have skills to facilitate real change in their home communities. We aim for 50% be Arabs and Jews from Israel and the Palestinian Authority and 50% international, including student pairs from different sides of conflict regions.

The Uniqueness of GHIS

GHIS is in Israel, one of the most exciting countries and spiritual center of Christianity, Islam and Judaism. It is both a setting for the Bible and a modern ‘start-up’ nation. Based at Givat Haviva, a rural, green campus located in one of the most diverse region of Israel, GHIS students will benefit from decades of intercultural understanding, and will become alumni of a 70-year-old center of peace with a network of international connections.

The core curriculum will be delivered by the internationally recognized IB program offering a broad and complete education. Leadership, Conflict Resolution and Social Entrepreneurship will be central as well as a respect for the Arts and training in humanitarian relief. Students will live and learn together, planning social activities with peers from as many as 30 countries. They will have the experience of becoming a member of a ‘host’ family for a two-year period. GHIS is a school which puts values before profit, whose primary motivation is to equip an international class of potential leaders with the requisite skills to make a positive impact on this new and dangerous geo-political reality of 2018.

What will emerge?  
Alumni of effective leaders able to address the underlying causes of social division at its root. They will be a diverse group, broadly educated and skilled in leadership and conflict resolution techniques for their academic, communal and professional lives post-GHIS.

We invite you to become part of this exciting journey.