International Department

Givat Haviva's International Department is dedicated to hosting international guests and groups who are interested in learning more about Givat Haviva's programs and peace-building work, as well as the socio-political history of the Middle East conflict. To learn more about the International Department's role, click here.
Visiting Group at the Givat Haviva Peace Tree
Informal and experiential learning programs are offered to international audiences interested in learning from Givat Haviva's extensive experience in Shared Society building in a wide variety of languages including English, German and Spanish.  The programs are flexible, modular and can be customized to suit your specific needs based on lectures, workshops and guided tours.  Long and short term study programs, workshops and seminars are tailor-made for diverse participants from different faiths and backgrounds. The subject matter primarily deals with explanations about Givat Haviva's educational projects and programs dealing with peace education and the fostering of coexistence between Jews and Arabs in Israel, as well as the Middle East conflict, wider Jewish-Arab relations and the Kibbutz Movement.

Every year over 5,000 university students, journalists, youth groups, synagogue and church groups, and community organizations from across the globe are hosted by Givat Haviva's International Department.

If you are interested in organizing a trip and tour, please email us here.