Givat Haviva's Mission is to create a Shared Future and Shared Society in Israel, based on the principles of equality, cooperation, empowerment and understanding.

The Givat Haviva Educational Foundation's Mission Involves:

  • Sponsoring and coordinating speaking visits for Givat Haviva staff members and partners from Israel, and for Givat Haviva's Through Others' Eyes photography and dialogue program for Israeli Arab and Jewish high school youth to the U.S. for the summer portion of their yearlong program.
  • Facilitating educational trips and seminars in Israel in conjunction with the International Department at Givat Haviva for synagogue and church groups, families and individuals.
  • Educating about and advocating for Givat Haviva and building coalitions and partnerships with organizations, synagogues and individuals in America.
  • Disseminating models and best practices from Givat Haviva's Shared Communities flagship project, which are relevant to North America in terms of diversity and co-existence issues.
The Israeli Representative for Givat Haviva Educational Foundation is available for speaking engagements and meetings to discuss the mission and work of Givat Haviva and broaden its base of supporters.

For additional information about the Givat Haviva Educational Foundation in the U.S. or Givat Haviva in Israel, email info@givathaviva.org, or call (212)989-9272.